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    We render professional and confidential counselling services to children, youths and adults at Otusum Counselling Clinic, schools, higher education institutions, hospitals, prisons, industries, rehabilitation centers, and other settings.  

    We specialize in the treatment and/or prevention of drug abuse, depression, HIV/AIDS, anger, anxiety, phobia, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, marital crises, financial challenges, bad companies, post-traumatic stress disorder, low self-esteem, poor academic performance, suicidal ideation (suicidal thought), broken relationship, poor time management, burnout, stress, conflict, eating disorder, unemployment, smoking, negative thoughts, premarital/extramarital affairs, broken homes, cultism, and sleeplessness, among others. Please contact us for the transformation of your life.



    We offer professional coaching services and training to individuals who are seeking to start a career journey or advance in their chosen career.

    We train pupils, students, undergraduates, and others to discover who they are in terms of potential, purpose, calling, interests, talents, and abilities.

    We also help them understand different career options in terms of prospect, hazards, requirements, preparation period, benefits, training, and availability.

    Also, participants of our career coaching program are trained to match their discovered selves with different career options and choose the most suitable one.

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    We offer professional training for counsellors, teachers, nurses, pastors, social workers, students, and other people who may have an interest in the counselling profession.

    We tailor our training to the specific skills and techniques needed to establish and practice counselling in schools, industries, prisons, churches, hospitals, markets, homes, and other settings.

    Also, we expose our trainees to different theories, approaches, procedures, and dimensions of counselling to enable them to become experts in real-life counselling practice.

    An additional benefit is that we train the trainees on how to handle real-life problems and challenges.


    Category D - Basic Counsellor Training

    Category C – Advance Counsellor Training

    Category B – Competent Counsellor Training

    Category A – Expert Counsellor Training


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    Many challenges confront students in primary, secondary and/or tertiary education institutions. The challenges may lead to a lack of motivation, low academic self-concept, truancy, aggression, violence, poor relationship, and even academic failure. Our Educational Services offers support to students by arming them with requisite skills and techniques for achieving their academic goals and pursuits.



    Our employment coaching focuses on both employment attainment and sustainability. This service occupies a unique place in the workforce development system. It cuts across building individuals’ capacity to engage in a vocational, occupational and professional pathway and also guarantees high quality, realistic and living wage jobs.

    We place emphasis much on the first job needed to transit from underemployment or unemployment and the subsequent jobs needed to attain a living wage position. 

    We provide the services needed to ensure that all who desire to change from underemployment or unemployment can access services. Also, we provide the services needed to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, excellence and high productivity in the workplace.


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    We tailor our skill acquisition training to the specific skills needed to be employable in any sector of society and to become an excellent entrepreneur. We run the training in our offices, schools, and institutions. Evidence shows that a lack of employability skills results in a high level of unemployment, underemployment, and low productivity. We believe that being employable and productive requires more than having educational certificates. Soft skills and hard skills are necessary. Therefore, our skills acquisition training covers a good number of skills that are needed in the 21st Century workplaces. 

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    We have a team of experienced experts in specific areas of counselling who render professional and technical advice and guidance to individuals, schools, institutions, organizations and government.

    We give our consultancy service to those who seek to find a solution to a specific problem that requires expert knowledge in a particular sphere like counselling, business, education, research, health, or vocation.



    This service is geared towards enabling people to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships in homes, families, schools, higher institutions, hospitals, workplaces, and governments.

    We help people to gain practical communication and social skills that are needed to sustain any form of relationship through one-on-one counselling, group counselling, seminars, and workshops.

    We help people to understand how to live with other people in peace, love, and harmony. We help couples and intending couples to keep a good relationship.

    Through our relationship coaching programme, youngsters can know their spouse and marry at the right time.

    Also, we lay good emphasis on how to keep a good relationship with the opposite sex, same-sex, family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, spouse and authority figures.



    This service involves teaching people how to conduct research, analyze data, write a research report and publish research findings in reputable journals and textbooks. We also research relevant counselling issues to generate solutions to problems that affect society. 

    Besides, we publish relevant articles in our journal called: Journal of Consultancy, Training & Services; https://www.jconsulttrainserv.com/.




    This service covers seminars, workshops, symposiums, and conferences for teachers and other employees on relevant issues that are of utmost importance to them, their organizations and the entire society.




    We welcome individuals, organizations, schools, governments or institutions who may partner with us in terms of provision of personnel, facilities for training or financial help to facilitate our services to the society. To become a partner, please send us a mail at otusumcounsellingclinic@gmail.com  (and copy counsellorotu@gmail.com). We will supply you details on how you may send your help. You may call us on 08146119566; 08035599525. 


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